Tips to Start Selling Your Home-Made Food Products

Do you love to bake or prepare a delicious cake at home? Do people make good comments on any specific food product you prepare at home or a get-together?

Then you can make money out of the food product venture and run a successful food entrepreneur.  If you have a passion for cooking or making any special food product, you can sell your homemade food product and make money.

Recently, I visited my friend Anam on her son’s birthday. Anam has prepared a very good cake and everyone has appreciated it. She prepared a special sweet Dish. Everyone at the party was appreciating her. Anam says she is doing them out of her interest and she keeps experimenting with various food products on regular basis. I was adding to the conversation by saying since Anam is passionate about preparing such special sweets or cakes, why can’t she start as a food entrepreneur. She can also make money through this passion.

Though I have indicated this in a 15-minute chat with Anam, my thoughts have been revolving around this small business idea. I have done some more analysis on this whether we can be successful in these homemade food products.

How to sell your homemade food products?

1) License to prepare and sell food products: 

To prepare and sell your homemade food product, you need to check first for licensing requirements. You need to approach your local authorities and get the required food product license. To prepare food products at home, you also need to comply with local regulations.

2) Preparing your food products:

 It is not that easy, the way you prepared the food product at your get-together or birthday function. When you prepare your food product, you also need to pack it so that it attracts. All food items like sauce or any specific sweets need to be labeled properly including the ingredients and their expiration date. This is very much required as per local laws.

3) Selling strategy: 

Due to stiff competition in the food product industry, you may need to adopt some good selling strategies for your food products.

  • Approach local food shops to start with. You should provide samples of your food product before the food shop owner accepts your food products for display and selling.
  • Approach food vendors, who supply food to restaurants, small companies, and large companies to sell your home food products. Even if you can supply one of the food items like a Sweet or special cake, you would get an order for hundreds of such items for a day from a single vendor.
  • Approach directly to companies, to sell your home food products. However, you may get very less responses from them and consider this as the last strategy.

4) Advertising your food product: 

You can advertise your products in your local newspaper or local forums. You can also use social networking sites like or Twitter to promote your food product. Mouth advertising is the best way of advertising your food product. This can happen only if you have good and unique food products.

5) Use networking to promote your products: 

If you have good networking contacts, you can supply directly to family get together or birthday functions. Even if you can make a few orders in a week and can prove that you have a quality product, it would be sufficient for mouth advertising.

Selling your homemade food product is a good small business idea to make money. However due to stiff competition, unless you have a unique or special home food product, you may not become a successful entrepreneur.

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