Start-up success stories – Fly By Knight -Delivery service after hours

Start-up success stories: People get creative ideas and new business ideas emerge out of it. Such creative business ideas with small thoughts or experience which one would have faced it. Mumbai-based Neha Jain started to fly by a knight in Jun-2012. Fly by knight offer express delivery service after hours at a location in Mumbai India.

What exactly Fly by Knight does?

Fly by knight offers express delivery services which include food, beverages, lighters, chocolates, party packs, etc. at the doorstep with a flat fee of Rs 100 per delivery.

The thought came into Neha’s mind earlier when she was stuck at the office till late at night. When she reached home at odd hours, she could not get food during that time.

She wanted to explore a business that can serve food or anything during odd hours. emerged with these thoughts. You ask for noodles or chocolates or cigarettes, Fly by Knight delivers all of them during odd hours.

How do customers place orders at Fly by Knight?

Customers residing in Mumbai would dial 99300 67337 or place an order online at They can pay through credit card or by cash on delivery. The services are offered between 11 pm to 4 am on any day.

How much revenue is generated out of this business?

Neha says that this business is started in a small way and she can get a higher income compared to what she was able to get at previous employment as Salary.

How profitability such a business is?

Currently, is based out of Mumbai and provides services only to this location. The business is small in size. It charges a flat fee of Rs 100 per transaction.

Yet to get good recognition. Once it gets a good name and it expands its business to more than one location, the business should grow.  One cannot expect to earn Crores of rupees in a few months of starting such a new business.

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