Internal Linking And External Linking ?

Internal Linking?

Internal Linking means linking one page of your blog to another page.

For example, inside this page, I have connected some links to another page by reading more, this is called internal linking.

Internal linking is important for on page seo and by doing this your pages get link juice.

Passing Link Juice Improves Your Ranking.

External Linking ?

External linking means linking one page of your blog to the page of another blog.

For example, if you write a post and you do not explain any word inside it, but you add that word to another blog’s page to explain that word, that is called external linking.

It helps a lot in completing the information of your page.

Google improves the ranking of the page which has complete and quality information.


Friends, the main difference between these two is the linking.

External linking means linking any page of the blog to the page of other blog.

The main advantage of this linking is that it helps in making your blog post rich content.

The second main advantage is that it helps in improving the SEO of your blog.

On the contrary, internal linking helps to connect the pages of your blog.

Its main advantage is that it helps in getting your pages ranked and by doing this the bounce rate of your blog is also low.

How to do internal and external linking in blogger

Let us now learn how to do internal linking in Blogger.

1) In the first step, you have to login blogger in Chrome.

2) Now you will come to the homepage of blogger, here you have to select the post in which you want to do internal and external linking.

3) Click on the post, the post will be open in front of you.

4) Here you have to select the word which you want to link internally.

5) After selecting Word, you will see the menu tab on the top inside the post. Click on the option of this link.

6) Here you will see 2 tabs. In one tab your Sentance will be automatically selected and in the second tab paste the url of the post you want to link internally.

7) Now you have to tick open this link in new window and click on Apply.

8) Your post will be linked to another post.

9) You can do external linking through the same process.

How to do Internal and External linking in WordPress

Let us now learn how to do linking inside WordPress.

1) First of all you have to login by opening WordPress in the browser.

2) The dashboard of WordPress will have been opened in front of you.

3) Here you will see the option of post in the sidebar, click on it.

4) Inside the post, you have to select the article you want to link.

5) After the article is open, you have to select the Sentence which you want to do internal linking.

6) After selecting Key phrase, you will see a tab under Title and URL, here you will see an option of linking.

7) Click on it, a new tab will open in front of you.

8) In this tab, write the initial word of the title of the post you want to connect.

9) The URL of the post will come in front of you. You have to select it and apply.

10) Your internal linking will be done and in the same way you can also do external linking.

How to do internal linking from mobile?

Friends, to do internal linking from mobile phone to blogger, you have to login to blogger in smartphone.

Now you have to choose your target post. Now you have to select the Sentence which you want to link.

After selecting Sentence, you will see the option of Link under the title, click on it.

In this link, you have to insert the URL of your post to which you want to link.

Finally click on Apply. Your blog is internally linked through your phone.

What is the Interaction of Internal Linking and External Linking?

1) The biggest advantage of Internal Linking is, it decreases the bounce rate of your blog as the user moves from one page to another, due to which he spends more time on your blog.

2) The second main advantage of this is that the page views of your blog are increased.

3) It helps you to increase your blog traffic.

4) By doing internal linking, the ranking of your post improves.

For example, if one post of your blog is ranking at 10 position on google and another post is ranking at 80 position.

If you link the 80th position person to the 10th position one, then the ranking of your second post also starts improving.

5) By doing this the SEO of your article improves.

6) By doing internal linking, your posts are quickly indexed on google.

7) It helps to solve some major issue like discover currently not index and crawled currently not index problem.

What did you learn from internal linking and external linking?

Friends, if you want to improve your article SEO then you should definitely do linking.

Linking gives you many benefits, which I have explained to you in detail above.

It improves everything from optimization of your blog to page views.

Hope you liked today’s post Internal linking and external linking.

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