13 Small Business Ideas in Asia With Low Investment in 2024

Small Business Ideas: It may be immaterial whether you are young or old or a college student or housewife. If you have a will, you can try any business idea and be successful. We are providing 13 small business ideas in Asia which can be started with zero or low investment. These small business ideas can be tried by any individual and make money.

13 Small Business Ideas in Asia

1. Custom-made Gift Store:

If you are good at creativity, you can try this business idea. You just need to manufacture or buy gifts and then sell them in your store.

2. Fitness center:

This is the so-called Gym that is everyone’s favorite as we all want to be healthy and fit. You can open a fitness center and make money. The best part is this can be done even by college students part-time in the morning or the evening.

3. Organizing events:

If you are good at conducting events, you can work as an event manager and make money. Organizing events within budgets would help you to grow your business.

4. Interior Designing:

These days people are giving preference to interior designing. Hence, I feel this is a good small business idea that can be started with some investment. I feel this Custom-made one of the best small business ideas in Asia.

5. Grocery Store: 

If you have more than 1 member at home who can spend a few hours in a day you can start a Grocery store in Asia. This idea does not demand any higher education, you can adopt this business idea without any degree.

6. Wedding planner:

If you can create some fun at a wedding, you can choose this business idea. The idea is to do wedding planning within the budget and entertain the guests at the wedding.

7. Tuition at home:

If you are educated and have some time during evenings or morning, you can start tuitions for children at home. If you are passionate about teaching at home, you can enjoy your work and also get good money.

8. Fast Food Centre:

If you are good at Chinese or fast food preparation, you can try opening fast food center. This is one of the best business ideas in Asia who loves food.

9. SEO Consultant:

There are millions of websites which are in the world, however, only a few thousands are surviving. Why? Because competitors are spying and killing other websites. You can work in Search Engine Optimization and help several website owners to be living in the world.

10. Web designer:

If you are good at Java and can design websites, you can try as a web designer. There is good scope for this business in Asia and outside Asia, which can be started with zero to low investment.

11. Jewelry maker:

If you like creativity, you can try it as a jewelry maker. Since women’s favorite gold is not expected to come down shortly, this business would be flourishing for a long time. This is one of the top small business ideas in Asia for those who love creativity.

12. Freelance writer:

There are several companies in Asia and outside that are looking for freelance writers. E.g. Freelancer. in, freelancer.com, etc. If you are passionate about writing, this could be a good idea to start and earn money.

13. Book Store:

If you love books, you can open a bookstore and make money.

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