10 Ways for Small Business Owners for Advertising on Social Media Sites

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10 Ways for Small Business Owners for Advertising on Social Media Sites – Social media has become part of our life. If you are a small business owner, you can grow your business by promoting and advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. In this article, I would provide some tips on the ways you do advertising on social media sites. Most of them are almost free and a few of them are paid advertising. However, the majority of these tips would be useful, if you have your website indicating the details of your products or services.

10 ways for small business owners for advertising on social media sites

1) Create a Facebook Page or Twitter account: 

Create your own Facebook page and Twitter account. On your Facebook page or Twitter account, you can provide the details about your small business and the products or services you are selling.

FB page creation Path: Login to Facebook.com à Bottom look for the “Create the page” option and follow the instructions. E.g., I have created facebook.com/allbusinessideas as a Facebook page

Alternative, you can click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/business/build

Twitter account creation Path: Login to Twitter.com à Create a new account

2) Widgets on your website: 

Use Facebook or Twitter widgets on your website. You can get these widgets depending upon the website software you are using. If you are using WordPress, you can get the plugins from the wordpress.org/plugins link. The widgets provide how many people liked your Facebook page. If any of them share or like the page, it would get displayed to the entire individual’s friends list on Facebook. In a way, this is free advertising for you.

3) Post the latest updates regularly:

People love new products or new content. If you post frequently on Facebook or Twitter, then it would attract people and they visit your Facebook page Twitter page, or website to know more about your products.

4) Invite email friends from Yahoo or Gmail or Hotmail: 

You can use this option from the Facebook page and click on the “Invite email friends” option wherein you need to enter your Yahoo or Gmail or Hotmail login credentials and Facebook would retrieve all your contacts and email to your friends on your behalf.

5) Invite friends from Facebook: 

If you have good social networking on Facebook, you can invite them from the Facebook option “Invite Friends” on your Facebook page. This is one of the good advertising social media strategies to grow your business.

6) Make a video and post it on social media sites: 

Facebook lovers like videos. If you can make 30 seconds to 60 seconds videos about your products in a creative manner and post it on Facebook, it would attract several users.

7) Link Facebook and Twitter:

You need not post separate posts or news on Facebook and Twitter. There is an application that connects Twitter through Facebook (www.facebook.com/twitter. This means if you post something on Facebook, it would automatically get posted on Twitter. A lot of time would get saved for you.

8) Facebook Like / Share button on your website:

When people visit your website, if they like any product, they can share with this Facebook Like / Share option. Several widgets can be installed within a few minutes with zero cost. When someone clicks on FB like or share button, it would automatically get shared with their friends and there is more likely that you would get more visitors to your website and your business can grow. The FB like or share button widgets would depend upon which software you are using for your website. If you use WordPress software, please check at wordpress.org/plugins

9) Facebook Paid to advertise – Fixed price:

 Last month I implemented this strategy and have seen that my business has grown by 30% in one month. I have posted a unique killer post which got posted automatically through my Facebook plugin on my Facebook page. Now I went to Facebook and on the post and have seen that there is an option called “Promote”.  It shows that the post can be promoted for $ 5, $ 10, $ 15, etc., I have chosen $ 5. It indicated that approx 3,000 visitors would be able to see my advertising on Facebook social media for $ 5. I felt very happy to choose such a small advertisement. I promoted 3 such killer articles for $ 15 in total and got more than 10,000 visitors to my blog.

10) Facebook Paid advertising fee – CPC:

There is another option called “Cost per click” on Facebook. The minimum CPC should be $ 0.20. You can create as much budget as you want to promote this through CPC. You need to pay only if anyone clicks on your CPC campaign and comes to your blog or Facebook fan page, else you need not pay anything.

I felt advertising on social media sites through the above strategies has grown my business.

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