10 New Business Ideas For Anyone to Start in 2023

If you are in Asia and interested to start a new business with low investment, this article is for you.  As I indicated in several articles, start your new business in the area where you are passionate about. Choosing an idea among these 10 New Business Ideas in Asia for low investment would help you to be successful. Since Asia is an emerging country, numerous new business ideas can be tried and tested.

1) Recruitment firm:

 With growing employment opportunities in Asia, opening a recruitment firm would be a sure shot successful business idea. When you choose this business, ensure that you select proper cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune, etc which are being grown now and expected to grow at a faster pace shortly. If you have good contacts with companies and friends, this could be one of the new business ideas in Asia for you to start with.

2) Real Estate Consultancy services: 

Real estate is an evergreen investment option for every Asian. Investors invest in real estate for the long term and double or triple their money. Hence choosing a real estate consultancy services business would help you to be in business for the long term. There are several cities like Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai where the real estate market is growing. Opening consultancy services in these cities can help you to start such a business. I feel this is one of the best and new business ideas in Asia to start with low investments.

3) Event Planner: 

Companies are spending Crores of rupees in Asia on events such as company seminars, meetings, annual general meetings, etc. Even in the film industry, audio function release is being conducted as a big event.

4) Online food court:

This is one of the new emerging business ideas in Asia. You can open an online food court in a particular city. Food lovers would order food online and you can deliver them within a few hours. This is a new business idea in Asia and we are still yet to see the potential of this business. However, you can start this with low investment initially, and gradually you can grow your business.

5) Wedding Planner:

This is similar to event management. However, the difference is you would be planning for a wedding. These days there is good demand for wedding planners. Wedding planners would be in-charge and start their activity by budgeting the wedding cost and seeing that the wedding is completed within the budget. This is one of the new and emerging business ideas in Asia where you may require a very small investment.

6) Online plumbing services:

Have you undergone pain for solving a water leakage problem at your home? Have you wondered if there would have been an online help where you can call them and they would come and solve the problem of your water leakage? This is one of the good business ideas where it is still to evolve in Asia. If you can do some homework and plan it well, I am sure this would be a killing business idea which you can start with low investment in Asia.

7) Photo Mugs and plates:

You would love this creative and innovative business idea. What I am talking about here are photo mugs and plates business. You would order plane mugs and plates. Customers would send you their Facebook photos or their photos. You can print them on mugs and plates and charge a fee. You can also print company logos, themes, etc. for company promotional activities. If you love creativity, this would be the best and most innovative business idea in Asia which can be started with low investment.

8) Sell items on Facebook:

If you are fond of social networking and have a good fan following, selling items on Facebook would be a good business idea in Asia. You can sell any home-based food items like honey or sweets or any special gift items prepared at home etc. on Facebook. What I am talking about here is effectively utilizing social media sites like Facebook and making money.

9) Supplies for Offices and schools:

Office supplies products are in demand all year round, so entrepreneurs do not need to worry about making sales. With a large number of organizations and schools situated in the urban areas of Asia; products such as pencils, pens, paper of different varieties, notebooks, and others will always be in constant demand.

10) Home Decorations:

Do you have creativity? Creativity pays off and pays well. People love decorating their homes with vases, figurines, etc., that can beautify houses.

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